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Hola! Muchos photographias….as soon as I figure how to download them w/out any extra software here. I have some at antique radios.com in their gallery and pics of my phonographs also…I’m addicted! Being disabled in my left hand (due to a work injury) I use this hobby as therapy (it works) and attend college full time at 54 years old (3.3 GPA). I own 10 radios, Ward Airline, Stromberg Carlson, GE’s, Emerson, Zenith, Firestone Chief, and Meissner…AM, AM/FM, AM/shortwave, 7 phonographs from a Waters Conley Phonorola "Victrola" to my latest addition, a Columbia 680 automatic record player in a hinged top cabinet. I also have a pair of Altec Lansing speakers, model 14’s and a pair of 15’s. Two Altec/JBL woofer cabinets, a Conrad Johnson Preamp, and two Crown power amps for my Theater system; not home theater, but real theater (130db no problem…clean!). Oh well…back to my papers to write for finals. Thanks, Jeenie67