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Gerry O’Hara

Hi Phil,

Yes, the dial is really nice and the photos don’t really do it (or the cabinet) justice. The dial is backed with a ‘suadette’ finish that is in really good condition considering the state of the chassis and cabinet ‘as found’. This gives a rich-looking contrast to the scale lettering.

This model has an RF stage and a triple-tuned first IF transformer that gives it the edge on sensitivity and selectivity over many contemporary sets I am certain – not sure how it compares with a similar GE table-top though.

The lemon oil is dual-purpose: it lubricates the sandpaper and conditions the dried-out wood surface beneath the old lacquer. Given a couple of days after application the surface takes lacquer without a problem. I have bought some soap-oil (‘Murphy’s’) that is reported to be good for cleaning soiled wood but have not tried it yet.