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Ed Stone
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I agree that looks a great job on the Day Fan Ed – and some good comments on the techniques used. I am not familiar with the Day Fan models, having only seen one ‘in the flesh’ at a CVRS meeting/SPARC museum (it had a speaker built-in so was likley a later model?). From the angle of the coils on the OEM-7 I presume it is a Neutrodyne design?

I have also tried to preserve the original finish where I can – though I have found that sometimes this is not as much of a time-saver as it may appear at the onset. However, quite often a combined approach can work well (avoiding stripping the entire cabinet) – instead stripping (scraping) the often plant pot-damaged top and then re-finishing the top from the bare wood, but restoring the original finish on the sides/front using a combination of touching-up scratches, light sanding with superfine steel wool and then using toned lacquers applied with an airbrush for small areas and larger spray gun for larger areas. A couple of examples are shown here of lacquered cabinets that have been restored this way.

Some more detail on your coil re-winding efforts would be appreciated.



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