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Hi Ed
That is a lovely job. How long did it take to do that. I have a couple like that but am just starting to learn how to fix radios. I acquired some 300 to 500 old radios from my dad when he died 3 years ago. He wanted to do a Museum, so I am trying to do that. He has a big house with lots of basement room. I poured a cement floor, then patched cement blocks and painted the walls white twice. Then I put up 32feet of shelving 6 high about 1 foot apart. Then I started working on the radios. I have done some 85, but not perfect as some need cabinet re-done or some missing knobs,grill-cloth,glass with stations on it.I hope with time and help from experienced people I will get this done right.Thank you for showing how it should look like and how you got it looking like that.
Thank You
Bruce Ruttan (radionut)
Kingston Ontario