Gerry O’Hara

Some very good points Dave and I think these were all well expressed in the AGM section of our BC Chapter meeting a couple of weeks ago also. Initiatives such as more structured and organized meetings, ‘themed’ meetings, someone responsible for content and planning will all help if we implement them. The thing is, and we all must bear this in mind, is that the ‘CVRS’ comprises ONLY its membership – it is not some sort of institutional entity with a mandate to provides services to its members, rather it relies totally on the enthusiasm and effort invested by EACH ONE of its members and in those members seeing a value in investing their time and effort in such activities. It was a little dissapointing to see no hands raised at the AGM when Don asked whether someone would take on the meeting content planning – I almost did, but I am already quite commited with the Newsletter and other extra-curricula activities, as well as holding down a very demanding full-time job plus family commitments, so felt that someone else should probably step up to that particular plate. Relationships, of whatever sort, only work if those in them continue to see a value and are only as good as the level of effort expended by the participants… So I agree – lets all participate and do what we can to keep this great and valuable hobby alive, kicking and interesting enough to attract and maintain new ‘blood’.