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Great Comments Dave:

The last CVRS meeting was my first, and I am a lot like you, wanting to learn. Over 40 years ago, I was in the Canadian Navy as a "Radio Man". I was only in for 6 1/2 years, and the equipment back in the late 50’s was all tube stuff. To be classified as a fully trained Technicial Person in the navy you had to have completed what they called trade group 4. Every so many years, you would be offered another trade group course. Unfortunately, I only completed Trade Group Two, and back in the early 1960’s considered myself as a half trained technician. However, when I left the service, I did not follow the technical radio vocation, and became a telegrapher on the railway instead.

When I turned 65, I became interested in the old radio’s and wondered if I could remember enough to repair them. That was nearly 3 years ago, and my journey continues slowly. I struggle with the technical end, especially hands on with test equipment. The good thing is, there are a lot of material available to help us newbies out. Three books that I have found useful in my re-training have been:
"The All-American Five Radio", by Richard McWhorter.
"Old Time Radios! Restoration and Repair", by Joseph J. Carr.
"Antique Radio Restoration Guide", by David Johnson
All of these books are available through either https://www.radiodaze.com or Antique Electronics Supply.

One of the mistakes that I made, was getting into a complicated multiband RCA console with AM, Short Wave and FM. It turned out to be a real challange, I started it June of 2007, and only now have it working fine on AM and Short Wave, (Not FM yet). I have become pretty good with the AC/DC simpler sets, and would recommend that one should stay with those until you feel comfortable with your ability.

We need the older techies to share their knowledge with us. One of the way’s that we might be able to help them to share that knowledge with us, is when we are working on a project and need help, use this forum and get the older members to provide advise. We should not worry about how trivial the question might be, ask it anyway. This will help us newbies bond with the older members, and gain some of their techniques.

here’s an example, Can someone out there tell me in what sequence, and step by step procedures I must use to trouble shoot the FM in my RCA Model 80. I have a signal generator capable of covering from 100 KC’s to 110 MC’s with a modulated 400 cycle tone. I do have a VTVM, but do not have a High Voltage RF Probe, and I also have a very cheap hand held oscilloscope, that I do not really know how to use yet. But I can put it in Automatic Mode, and it will display the signal that it see’s in that circuit.

I have included a picture of the bottom of the Chassis, (with progress) of the RCA Model 80 that I am currently working on.