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the schematic is on Nostalgiaair, lots of info on this one.


there is a 4 section electrolytic C44A, C44B, C44C ,and ,C44D
3 sections are 10 microfarads @ 450 Volts ( A, B and C )
1 section is 20 microfarads @ 25 Volts (D)

on the schematic each is referenced to ground. I assume this is the chassis. check if there is a fiber washer insulating the capacitor from the chassis. if the can is connected to the chassis I think you can follow suit by hooking the negative to chassis ground. If there is an insulating washer under the nut for the multi section cap it is there for a reason.

unless you are restuffing the capacitor can you can just cut the positive leads and leave the old one in place for aesthetics. even if you do try to put the new caps inside the can it might be hard to fit all 4 in there.

Check your work and bear in mind I am not an experienced bench technician