Gerry O’Hara

The SPARC radio museum in Coquitlam BC have an ongoing project to develop an exhibit on Chisholm radios. I was one of those involved in undertaking the research and interviewed Jim Chisholm, the son of Edd Chisholm who started up the company under the title ‘Vancouver Radio Laboratories’ before WWII. Unfortunately our research did not produce many schematics or details on specific models – only some brochures, newspaper clippings, photos and the like. I checked through the materials we have and could not find the ‘Belmont’ referenced. If you post a photo of the chassis it may help as many of the models used similar chassis. ‘Abbotsfordgerry’ may be able to shed some light on your set.

FYI, the production facility moved from Main St out to a purpose-built factory in Port Moody (just over a mile from where I live) – photo taken in the early 1960’s attached. The factory building is still there, address is ‘Electronic Avenue’.


Download Chisholm Photo Outside Plant.jpg. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)