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Ed The chassis looks great!

I have used similar steps for a few chassis, abrasion, rust mort, alcohol, grey paint.
this is probably the most practicle approach, I haven’t wanted to remove enough to dunk the chassis in anything.

I was experimenting with this stainless steel coating about 10 years ago. I has to be heat cured. i got it from the old car center in langley. pics of an ashtray I painted. It needs to be heated to cure the stuff. I did my engine manifold with it , and a few other parts like the rocker cover , etc. I cured some of the parts in an old oven. with the manifold it smokes like crazy and stinks for a while. I did other exhaust parts and just let them get hot and cure themselves. It has all kinds of bad warnings on the can.

after about 10 years, manifold rusted a bit, but it is hard to keep that perfect. rocker cover etc stood up well. It doesn’t have thickness like paint so it looks a bit like anodizing. the rust pits from stripping with acid don’t get filled in like they might with paint. It’s more expensive than regular paint, but a can would do pretty much a whole exhaust system.

by comparison, a tin box that I sprayed with one coat of spray on galvanized coating. just a spray bomb, much like paint but dull. not as tough as the stainlless coating but looks quite similar.


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