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Hi Ed
That sure is a nice radio. Hope some day I will be able to do jobs like that. I am going to see if I can find a book called(Pratical Radio Servicing by William Marcus and Alex Levy) as some suggest this would help me learn.I am getting ready to go to Kutzstown (Sept. 18 -19 ). I have Pythe speaker that is getting a new cone ,also a Jackson Bell Peter Pan model 84 that some of the members told me in May if I brought it again in Sept. they probably could get it going for me.I hope they can. I have done very little on the radios as I have lots of work to do on my mums house. I finally got the last of the Ryders manuals. So once I learn I will hopefully have info I need. I hope to get up your way soon.I am going to daughters on 27 of month and heading home 29th.(she is in Toronto) Is there a Tim Horton in the area where we could stop for a tea and maybe meet you .
Hope to hear from you