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Bob Masse
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Dan Wrote::To start off ,I stripped the cabinet and applied grain filler to the top and then put thtree coats of dark walnut stain on the top…I gave all the rest of the cabinet a coat of the same stain.One of the little arches was broken ,so I had to take the good one and clean it up to us it for a template for a mould…I bought some rubber mould maker and had to paint about 10 coats of the stuff on the arch to make a mould…i made two of the new arch pieces for the radio and I was really pleasently suprised at how well they came out. Here is a photo of the arch.

Hi! Dan,
Nice job! It really shows some nice woodgrain. I am curious as to where you buy your rubber mould maker. It it a Canadian supplier? Info appreciated.
Bob Masse