Ed Kraushar
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Gerry O’Hara wrote:

Excellent work and article Ed.

How do you find that Mini Lathe for actual metalworking? – I was thinking of buying one to make small parts/turning knobs etc (obviously comes in handy for winding transormers also!).


I find them ok if you respect their size and take easier cuts. I do not do a lot of metal working though, but have turned new pulleys for AK’s that had pot metal disease. Also some other radio parts. I do some plastic parts on it. Last week did some parts to replace the pot metal gear on a Stromberg Carlson 601A with a plastic pulley and heavy belt. It works very well, brass replacement pulleys alone cost more than the radio is worth.

Mine is an honest 7 X 14 from Micro Mark. Many of these small lathes are made by Seig in China but have some differences. Some will not handle parts as long as they claim. I turned down Busy Bee and Princess Auto as I found them deficient compared to this one. Some are calibrated in metric only complicating threading.

https://www.micromark.com/MICROLUX-7X14- … ,8176.html

They also have a related milling machine. Their service is excellent.

Soon I would like to try the carriage feed to space and wind a replacement toroidal coil for an early Magnavox radio.