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Hi, could you please be a little bit more specific on what your requirements are on the battery eliminator. If you are looking for a battery eliminator to cover A, B, C, and fil voltages for your test bench, most people today will purchase the ARBE-III. This is a good one for the bench, but is a little costly at around $165.00 or so plus shipping. The ARBE -III Universal Battery Eliminator is manufactured by Antique Radios Inc. P.O. Box 6352 Jacson, MI 49204 USA.

If you are looking for a battery eliminator to power an older DC set, then other alternatives are available. Granddads Electronics in Seattle have one which provides 90 volts DC B plus supply and 1.5 volt fil. supply. top current rated for 135 ma. But will work for most 4 & 5 tube 1.5 volt fil. battery radios. The last ones I bought cost around $50.00 apiece. If you are considering this option, please contact the editor of the CVRS (Gerry Ohara), as he is currently looking at purchasing some of these if they are available.

Antiques Electronic Supply in Tempa AZ, also make a kit form battery eliminator for the farm battery radios. This is one that you have to build from kit form. the voltage ratinges are a little higher on this model than the 90 volts max from Grand dads Electronics in Seattle. (135 volts DC B+). they are priced around mid $50.00 range.

Other older eliminators show up from time to time on Ebay, and another source is older members of the CVRS, who make their own home brew type. I do not have a list of members that do this, but I am sure someone will read this and offer up. This is the most economical if price is a concern.