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Eric Strasen
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Hi Bruce,
Thanks for the shout-out. Guess I’ll have to call Apple for picture shrinkage directions. Like most of my gender, however, I hate to ask for directions.
I’ve acquired a half-dozen or so Canadian radios and have found CVRS to be a really sweet site for schematics, advice and just general help. Stefan Weresczcynsky, Bob Masse, Don White and several other members have been most helpful. Stefan even drove some miles from his home to Scarborough, Ontario to pick up a Toronto-built Stromberg-Carlson 694 table radio for me, rounded up packing materials and shipped it to the States on my behalf.
Re: The Midwest. I have been looking for a decent Midwest console for some years now. They occasionally pop up on eBay, but invariably the cabinets (often home-brew) are really rough. Suddenly, this 16-37 appears, for a reasonable "buy it now" price, plus the seller was willing to ship the radio (consoles usually are "local pick up only"). Guess "never give up hope" applied here.
Since Midwest sold by mail-order only and had no dealer network, I suspect they are not thick upon the ground in Canada. It’s a real shame, as these are great radios.