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marc-antoine pelletier
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There it is I replaced the faulty caps and installed new ones.
I’m stuck with one lesser problem: the look.
There is a big hole uncovered. The reason is that I wouldn’t left a faulty part near new parts and/or solder.
I guess that I could fit back the old part, only it will not be sit on anything. You see, I kinda break the plastic board that it was sit one while I remove the rivet that holds it all. So the only way I see to make it holds there again, its with hot glue or I could make a piece of wood that look like the old one and place it with little screws instead of the rivet.

The main question is : is it worth it all the trouble ?
I mean I’ve no interest of selling the cabinet. It may occurs in a far far away future. But what will be its value then ? will it be decreased if the look isn’t preserve in its gut ? there is no way to tell it some parts were replaced from the outside. And even if its visible from the inside. The parts were broken, so it was legitimate to want it replaced.

I only wanted to have some thoughts on the matter.
thank you again everyone that took time to help me a bit.
it was huge for me.