Don Henschel
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Probably so they can figure out how to rip the buyer and seller off. Think of how many packages get intercepted by these con artists! When I get my email to the seller or vise versa it is amazing how much less ANY shipping costs are. You think this is asinine? Go over to eBay.de and see what total stupidity the sellers go through there! Here is a good example, lets say you have a Volksempfanger VE301 DYN or Kleinempanger DKE38 with intact Third Reich emblems AKA Swastika or the Eagle perched above the Swastika. You know? a government that hasn’t existed in 73 years and is long gone except for those that fled to South America. Now if you present your DYN or DKE for sale with these “streng verboten” emblems pictured you get your item pulled! Now you see sellers with the emblems including ALL of the Reich ink stamps on all of the components blocked out for fear the SS or the Brown Shirts will come and take them away and if you are lucky you will end up at the Russian Front! The value of these Fangers goes up if this is intact and surprisingly enough they even fetch high dollars even in the United States and I have seen good examples sell for $450-$650 US$ Even In Germany they are still collected despite their dark and controversial history. At the end of the day it is simply amazing how many sellers are not aware of the garbage they are enabling when they select GSP. Oh and what many have found out is the eBay Nazis have message scanners to detect if buyer and seller are exchanging email addresses as they home in on the @ symbol. Simple solution, take a picture of your email address and send a picture in your message LMAO!. Kijiji.de is quite amazing on what you can find and this is just a start.