Don Henschel
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Here is a very good example!!
I received a 1933 Volksempfanger and a 1936 Philco 444 NOT USING the Global Shipscam Program and guess what people?? Absolutely no @#*%*& “Import charges” NONE!
I have since ordered in a complete Service Manual covering most of the common Volksempfanger models albeit a bit hard to read without a translator but at least I have it! Since then I have ordered replacement valves AKA tubes for both including that horrible Mazda PEN DD61 that is total unubtainium that only this Philco 444 used in the entire world. Also I drive a 1950 Mercury Sport Sedan and a 1956 Continental Mark II and pretty much all of my parts come from the United States and here we go again! This stupid Global Shipscam Program is commonly used by sellers who simply don’t know any better in many cases. I have ordered parts from the States for over 35 years and seldom pay “Import Charges” on many items valued under $50 including used parts plain and simple! Also be warned that they (Pitney Bowes Rogues and Vagabonds and probably Carpetbaggers) also repackage items as I have found out. They place a sticker on the package indicating this and usually it is to repackage into a smaller package to reduce shipping costs placing delicate items in danger and no they do not refund shipping savings. Now if there is damage due to this even though they say the buyer and seller are protected, this is total nonsense and if there is damage they tell the seller “contact the purchaser” and then they tell the purchaser “contact the seller” and nothing in the form of compensation occurs. Oh yes they also snoop through your package to see if there is any so called “contraband” as other members of this forum have discovered. Oh and if you really want an education read the ePay forum which consists of buyers and sellers and read the complaints. I have personally demanded a transaction to be canceled because the so called indicated “Import scam charges” mysteriously doubled when I selected “commit to purchase” or should I say “commit to be screwed” and yes after talking with customer service demanding a cancellation the customer service puppets admit their are many complaints against the GSP! After I canceled the seller sold the item to me not using this method after I showed him what was going on. Most of the time I ask if this is my only option if I’m desperate and if I’m not I just move on looking for another seller who doesn’t use this nonsense. After I make a purchase I contact the seller after receiving his or her email address VIA the PayPal transaction and bypass ePay all together or there have been requests from the sellers as well. Buyer beware.