Don Nakrieko
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Hi Bruce,
I have restored a couple radios that we owned or picked up here in Calgary plus in previous homes in Sask and Manitoba. It is becoming addictive so would not mind having one or both of your radios if a more deserving person does not capitalize on your generosity. In all, I already have a 1950’s transistor radio from our farm home. The case is cracked from farm hands whacking it to get it working. That only worked for a couple months and my replacing the capacitors 40 years later is a much better fix. Our original Viking table top radio was converted from battery to electric and needed capacitor replacements plus a few resistors to get it operational. A few years ago Calgary chap gave away a lovely full sized 1930-40 cabinet radio that smoked when he turned it on. It needed a resistor to help overcome it’s smoking addiction. I also have restored a table top radio from the 40s so all in all, I do have enough but if you wish to offer me more I have a daughter in Vancouver who would likely be willing to pickup whatever you may offer for me. We are presently travelling with plans to return by late Feb to early March but available by email at or phone voice messaging at (403) 241-0476. The voice messages are emailed to me in playable format.
Thanks for your generosity to this great Canadian Vintage Radio Society where i truly hope someone who can more closely relate to your radios than myself ends up with them.
Best from,
Don Nakrieko