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Hi all !
I’m struggling now with another part near the Cap (50/50/80).
I’m confident that it is the CR1 on the schematics. However its color coded as usually a resistor does. I’ve decipher either 1N01A or 1N1018 depending on which chart I’m referring. I couldn’t find those on any electronic parts’ website I know. The part can be located on the schematics near the AC plug on the left. And on my photos as the yellowish burned up part. The clearer pic is named Cap_6_poles.
It is indeed a Diode ? Can it be something else : resistor, capacitor ?

On a second topic the Cap that you guys help me identify. How I can test each poles ? I’m not sure which one is the 50 and which is the 80uF. I fear that I don’t own expert tools to test it. I can’t power the circuit other with the AC plug and I don’t know how to test it with my multi-meter. Is there another measurement that I can perform ? If its too complicated i’ll figure it out using the schematic.

I may also start another post regarding a Weird resistor and 3 poles capacitors (?). There is a lot going on on that board.
thank you again for reading, reply and your interest.
good day