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Greg Gascon
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Hello all. I am also a newbie member here. I have been a collector of radios ( of all types ) for quite a few years. I am just starting to build a collection. I am more a collector than a restorer, but I am interested in someday becoming capable of fixing and restoring older radios. I am trying to learn all I can about fixing & restoration – reading and browsing as much as I can online, and have also bought several good books on the topic which I am in the process of reading. I guess it ‘s just a matter of getting the hands-on skill and knowledge now and doing it. But I find that is much easier said than done – Ha! I am a computer technician and have had my A+ certification for awhile now. I find that the old technology of radios is much harder to learn than the new tech of the computer age. But like alot of people, I have quite limited time to put towards learning this.
Anyway when it comes to radios, I have always been fascinated by them, how they work, their inner workings, what they receive, their appearance, their sound, their parts, etc. I have always owned many of them over the years – got them as presents etc. And also the nostalgia part of collecting old units too is another thing. I just happen to think that radios, old & new, are the coolest things ever. Especially with technology progressing as fast as it is! I hope to learn and benefit as much as I can by being a member of CVRS.