Don Henschel
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Thank you very much for the name and number. I will give Bill a shout and get more details and this perhaps is an alternative to:
but at the same time his prices are more than reasonable. I find it quite annoying Canadian sellers that charge American currency and prices AT a higher price which makes me more motivated to purchase from the States at a lower cost like Sal who I mentioned before has lower prices and agreed to ship for free with the purchase I had planned. Other vintage radio forums down in the States mentioned both sources (Canada and Sal) and also mentioned he has much better prices AND they have an advantage over us with a better dollar!! Otherwise I have been sending out enquirers to some of the sellers on ePay that offer free or next to free shipping and very low prices for assortments. Many of them only list one value in assortments of 5 or 10 and if you were to use the list that Sal provides of his Capacitor kits and values you would be piecing together many many orders amounting to more $. I send them a link when they ask what values I want to show them an example. If they want to waste their time and mine with these piddly quantities then they obviously won’t sell much!! In other words get some ambition and motivation to step up to the plate! The prices of my Mylar assortment of less than $5 US with free shipping motivated me and I’m armed with a very good Heathkit capacitor tester.