Don Henschel
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Thanks VA3KRV and after taking another look at the situation it appears the closest tube to this vibrator is a 6X4 rectifier tube and I have found them to be very reliable in the past but in this case it is a very big source of heat that can be replaced with a pair of rectifiers soldered to the lugs on the socket under the chassis. If it was farther away I wouldn’t bother. Right now my Mylars finally arrived and 140 of them for $5.00 so I can’t complain but I will have to place an order for some 1600 volt caps from the Canadian source mentioned on this forum. The Mylars were from a Chinese seller on ePay offering them for under $5.00 with free or next to free shipping so I figured I had very little to loose if things went south. A great selection and now I’m looking into tubular polyester or polystyrene in a similar fashion but most are only offering one value in multiples or one value in small quantities which means many orders compared to those that have assortments. Disk capacitors offered are common but I got a bunch of these. Years ago I worried about tubes but now it appears its vibrators and capacitors. Many offer assortments of high voltage or higher voltage single value electrolytic axial and radial so I will take a chance at these as well. Quality might be a factor but at least I have a very good Heathkit capacitor tester that does the extensive tests.