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thanks Gerry , it seems to be fixed now.

Now that I have access to my data I also noticed a lot of personal info had been added to my profile so I removed that. My address and phone number were filled in. i would never intentionally share such info on the web publicly and I wouldn’t advise others do it either.

Opinions on how much personal info people wish to post to the web should be something we opt into , not opt out of..

for example a member may be also posting pictures of a vast collection or fairly valuable items and not want their address to be posted publicly on the web at the same time because of the potential for thieves to use those bits of data.

an example:
I’ve seen some scenarios where people have a lot of money invested in collections and share a lot through facebook. Then the next thing I see is them posting updates of their holiday in Mexico.. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to piece such bits together. I don’t have such a valuable collection to brag about but I still try to keep personal contact info off the web. Its easy enough to ask via PM when buying selling etc.
I don’t think it’s bad idea to share the city you live in under personal info. If for example you are selling a console radio others who are interested want to know if it is local.

I’m sure we have a range of perspectives on how much info people wish to publicize and the list is probably being shared with only other CVRS members who have a log-in.

I don’t think this sort of data should be uploaded to profiles without consent. If members wish to share their address / phone number on the web, that should be their decision.