Don Henschel
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Off topic from the original post, sorry This HX-10 is quite interesting compared to the Apache and from what sources claim are much more rarer than the Apache which is slightly older and as a result they are usually paired with the Mohawk which was the match of the Apache. I find it comical that they state the Marauder was lighter than the Apache and this is probably misinformation because they are very close in vintage and the Apache was only AM whereas the Marauder is SSB with. AM being possible with a twist of a selector to AM mode. If anyrhing it would be the same or pound or two heavier. No comes the task of finding out what receiver was of the same vintage other than the slightly older Mohawk. I could see the Apache being heavier if you had the outboard SSB converter perched ontop or beside. They weren’t that small remembering what that accesory looked like.