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tough to get an exact match on that one. I did a google search for hammertone paints and found some that were close but not as red..
I have a northern electric midge in the funny green color , there was one that imitated that but I dont;think the midge is hammertone

Hichem Hammercoat Epoxy Paint Gold 400 Gram Spray

they can do hammemrtone via powdercoat but You’d first need a conductive paint since the bakelit is an insulator,, yea that wont’ really work. youll end up with a 500 dollar radio that you couldn’t get over a hundred for 😉

If you ever come across northern electric ones with the little propeller on the dial I have a secret stash of the little propellers, Ive also got the glowing red pointers for baby champs
the baby chanmp name was tossed around amongst different models.
here’s the propeller
I htink these are the red ones I have
/radios/northern-5200/index.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.oocities.org//radios/northern-5200/index.html

I’d change it to a hammertone green though not original I think it at least fits the color scheme better than most of the gold hamertone that funny green color was popular in the era on business machines and things but if you look you might find an antique copper one if you look hard.

the only other thing I can think of is could you look for a hammertone gold and then mix some reddish paint into it? then you’d need to load a spray gun or airbrush. It seems the effect comes from liquids that are sort of incompatible, they mix like oil and water sort of.. silicone usually causes fish eyes and it’ is often dreaded by painters. I try not to use any silicone products if I can help it as the tinyest bit of contamination can cause fish eyes you cant’ easily overcome.

Ive got the master station and a couple of the slave ( or base) stations. That case was used for interoffice intercoms.. they aren’t radios…thye just use the amplifier parts. they have a little paddle switch to talk with.. I’m just not sure who to talk to on the thing.. 😉 I need a secretary ! they use the same case as the “rainbow” models.. fun 😉

i think the colored ones had white knobs, the brown ones had brown knobs. sometimes you see repainted ones with the brown knobs but I dont think they were sold like that.