Don Henschel
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Yes I guess so but given that kind of defeats the purpose of restoring these fine examples and for the same price or even higher I would stick a balloon or shoulder top in them (unless I just could no longer find them ) but here is a good example of how I look at this. Take my 1950 Mercury Sport Sedan as an example. I was told it was extremely rare and I said to a point but….. Then the fellow said NO yours is extremely rare because it is totally stock and only a handful of them are still very stock and restored to original and not totally mollested!! I was at a gas station a number of years ago straight off the highway and I let the engine idle for a minute or two and a fellow probably in his 70’s to 80’s walked by the grill and heard something under the hood idling whisper quiet barely audible and said “I bet you have a Chevy small block under the hood” and my comment was most certainly not! It would be too unreliable! That got quite a laugh out of him as he nodded his head. Getting a schematic from Don enabled me to get the radio working properly and it makes me laugh when my friends think the radio doesn’t work and they are puzzled when I say let the tubes warm up. Yesterday I bust my ass dragging my Heathkit Marauder transmitter out of storage at one of my houses that I’m slowly rebuilding. It is from probably 1957-59 and weighs probably 85 plus pounds iand guesstimating 2 feet long, over a foot wide and almost a foot tall and I have a solid state transiever that does the same but I can carry it with one hand very easily. Someday I will purchase a matching receiver (just as big) and get a working matching set going. Oh yes one of these days I will look for a “two or three dialer” or knobs and a horn and get it functioning but yes I was warned the tubes are usually worth more than the receiver but this is part of the challenge just like my Mercury. Stock parts are scary and miserable to find and it is just like what you see on the TV series Cuban Chrome but I was in my mid twenties when I bought it and now I’m 56 so obviously I find ways to get around this situation.