Don Henschel
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Phil I don’t have a Bradmaster but all I got is a Webcor Webster Chicago reel to reel from the early 50’s and I’m thinking around 52-53. I would have to check but I think it’s a model 2010 It’s quite the tape recorder my grandfather purchased new around those years and other than the fact you don’t have to flip the reels, you just twist a knob that reverses the drive and heads. What amused me about it was on the tv series MASH was Charles Emerson Winchester the third LOL used one identical to mine to communicate with his mother. Other than this and my collection of consoles and table top radios from the 30’s to the early 50’s and a few transistor radios from the 60’s kicking around. I have had old radios for years and a number of years ago I inherited my fathers entire ham radio collection mostly Heathkit from the late 60’s to early 70’s including a Hamerlund from the 50’s in very fine condition. Along with all of this was his Heathkit capacitor tester, signal generator and a very old Stark tube tester. This Stark is capable of testing 4&5 pin tubes as well. This is all with my Heathkit transmitter from the very late 50’s that is quite large and heavy and we used to call it a box car because it is large and heavy like one of those on a train. This is also with my newer Heathkit receiver and Heathkit tube testers etc. Because my father was a ham radio operator starting from the early 60’s is why I got started in electronics back in the 60’s when I started school. When I reached high school I was driving cars from the 50’s and still do to this day so other than antique radios vintage/antique cars are also I’m my collection. Needing a schematic for the Marconi in my 50 Mercury Sedan brought me to this forum.