Don Henschel
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I posted another response but after editing it, it disappeared (or I was having a “senior moment” ) but anyway here is my next attempt at getting an assortment started.

Perhaps these are not the best type but will get my assortment started and these look like what we used to call Mylars back in the 70’s and 80’s and will probably work just fine until I find a “usual suspect” on ePay that sells axial polystyrene or poly propolyne but notice one thing, the values, quantity and numbers of the values in the assortment are identical to what Sal’s and Just Radios sells and I don’t know where theirs came from. Also for under $4.00 beaver pelts and free shipping compared to $75+++ leaves me to realize what have I got to loose at this amount?? Resistor assortments are 1/2 watt with the choice of metal film or carbon for values starting very low under 100 to in the megohm ranges for similar amounts as my assortment coming from China for $4. These are well into the hundreds with 10-20 of each value. Some also have 1,2,&3 watt assortments but this will take some foraging and ferreting around. They have axial and radial electrolytics at compatible prices but so far I’ve only found up to 50 volts but I’m sure I will find 450-630 eventually. ePays search engine sucks the big one and what I find is usually from searching through the sellers plunder and hoard or sending them an Inquiry. As for the capacitors I will test them as I use them using my Heathkit tester that determines the value as well as leakage and shorts.