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Ive got a neat detrola table radio. it has motorized electric push button tuning which is pretty uncommon for table sets. the speaker says “Rola ” I restored it.. then I also found a weird lookng one with a wooden case. I restored that one too. it seems pretty selective. the funny looking radio turned out to be a home made cabinet. They even made the knobs ! I wondered if it was a leftover from a bankrupcy or something. maybe a project done in the 30’s or 40’s.. I restored the home made cabinet.. both had the same dial cover and some other similarities. i made both new bubbles with the smae form. but the brand on the home made one is not detrola. I can check the maker, forget just now.. I should try to get a pic of both of them. these are both wood cased radios.

Addison made some catalin ones they are very valuable and you don’t see many floating around. I met a guy here that had a lot like 10 or 20 of them it was his retirement plan , at the time I think he said 1700? quite an investment! they are nice but wow.. there are some wooden ones with the same chassis, maybe those are sought after for the chassis? maybe that could explain a seemingly plain wooden addison tabletop for going higher than it seemed it should?