Don Henschel
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I received an email from Sal at
and he said he would also ship free on orders of $100 and 100 at his store goes much farther!! My beef with Just Radios is why does a Canadian company have to charge a Canadian US dollars? Sal is slowly building up his selection of parts such as resistors but his capacitor selection is quite large with good prices.
My question is resistor wattage and most likely the old carbon resistors are much larger than modern replacements?? Looking at the sizes of the resistors in my Macaroni radios, how far will I get with a 1-2 watt assortment and how useful or useless are 1/2 watt resistors? I suspect the older carbon are much larger physically than the modern metal film? My schematics do not specify wattage of resistors or voltage of capacitors so other than looking for exploding capacitors or smoke signals from resistors cooking due to guesstimating the resistor watt values what is a good starting point?