Don Henschel
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I guess Les will have to search the chassis and cabinet for more forensic clues to the identity of his patient. No ID, maybe an illegal alian that snuck across the border. Some of the older Detrola have quite a high value but if that was an Adison made in Canada, wow that would be a find. I was at an auction sale a number of years ago where there was one and a radio collector I know said that one will probably fetch 400-500 and I said you got to be kidding? It was bid up to $475 in a piddly small auction in butt crack Saskatchewan AKA Rosthern. They were Canadian but didn’t last very long and went belly up in the late fifties. What surprised me is these plastic radios are going up in value because people couldn’t afford the older rarer or some of the rarer console radios and gravitated to these smaller table or mantel top radios.