Don Henschel
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This is the best source I have found so far and you have the option of preassembled or a kit. The kit is $15US and preassembled is $21US$. From what they mention there are complete instructions complete with pictures for assembly but one thing for both options is you either have to mount under the chassis, salvage a male socket plug or use a tubing cutter like I did to neatly open the can if attempting to repair or in this case it can be a home for the vibrator if you prefer. When I attempted repair and placed the can back onto the base I soldered it in four places at the incision to hold it together securely and with these tacked solder joints one could use a hot glue gun or a smooth bead of silicone sealer.
I will contact them and enquire about how delicate these are to heat due to the crispy cooked wires in the failed vibrator. A poor design by Macaroni placing a pair of blazing hot 6AQ5s up against the vibrator. They should have know their radios would last almost 70 years 😊