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If we delete most of the categories and simply have one or two that is enough to support the traffic we have. there is no need for users to stumble over forums and subforums or to use a different forum for a question about a TV for example.

If we had the post frequency to support multiple forms then yes it would make sense to separate topics but as it stands the forum has so little use that many arent’ even used yearly or ever.

We have some serious issues now because members are being limited to what they can do based on the type of membership. I paid up to date several months ago but I am still unable to view where other people are because their area wont; show and if I click on their name I get some stupid popup about buying a national membership

No one is monitoring the questions on a timely basis. It would be best if the forum were being run by someone that actually reads the forum on a regular basis and can make adjustments.

this forum emails me when there are new messages. I tried to turn this feature off because it fills my inbox with garbage It won’t; even allow me to change my own settings.
Of course most will throw in the towel if they can’t get it to work properly and strongly recommend that we make the forum free to use. this national membership idea is just going to kill the forum.

in my case I had to change an email setting to reject email from the CVRS as spam to stop the thing from littering my inbox.

Intentionally making the forum NOT WORK properly is of no benefit to the CVRS or it’s members. Access to the forum is the first experience many have with the CVRS and for members who are not near regular meetings it is their only means of utilizing CVRS resources and speaking with other CVRS members. To make it not work properly is not benefiting anyone. We want to encourage new members not push them away in frustration.

who is in support of members intentionally not being able to use the forum properly? is this supposed to encourage membership? can we please re-think this strategy?