Don Henschel
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Thanks phil and Sterling and as for the CVRS swap meets, there doesn’t seem to be much of anything that I know of in Saskatchewan. Edmonton is 585 KM away if memory serves correct and Saskatoon, I don’t know of anything. As it is Les Dickson of Prince Albert sent me a message indicating he is from Saskatchewan but I think us Saskatchewanians are few and far between.
As for Just Radios I received an email that he ONLY sells capacitors and resistors which surprises me because the whole radio doesn’t rotate around capacitors and resistors leading me to think it’s back down south of the boarder again!! Take for instance vibrators, I was informed by one outfit regarding solid state vibrators that I have to send my 20+ lb radio to be repaired to get one?? WTH and then he mentioned most get their radios converted to solid state AM/FM. I guess he figures my shipping of a large heavy item bounced across the country is free and this tells me that if he is too important to sell me a solid state vibrator, I’m not important enough or simply putting it another way would be is he is not hungry enough again sending me back down south or forcing me to have to dig up the modern components and just attempt building one. This is of course after I have to purchase an assortment of resistors and capacitors from Just Radios across the country.