John Bartley
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Years ago such as back in the seventies I used to deal with a company in Quebec called Etco electronics or as it is called Etco Electronic Distributors but myself and others can’t seem to find contact information.

I also used to buy from ETCO and was in their store in the early seventies. I bought my #19 set from them via mail order ….. what a great store …. full of surprises!! Unfortunately they are long since defunct.

Following is web info on ETCO :

Company Information
ETCO ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTORS LTD., also known as ETCO DISTRIBUTEURS ELECTRONIQUE LTEE, is a company from MONTREAL QC Canada. The company has corporate status: Dissolved by the corporation (s. 210)on 1984-08-03.

ETCO ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTORS LTD. is governed under the Canada Business Corporations Act- 1980-11-25. It a company of type: Non-distributing corporation with 50 or fewer shareholders.
The date of the company’s last Annual Meeting is 1983-08-19.
This company has had the following names: