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I left it on and it worked fine, when I was done I peeled it off and that made it come out looking perfect.
before you start cutting the plug you could measure the distance from the inside of the cabinet where the flange will fit to where you want the surface and use the same thickness. I found the kerf of the sawcut left about the right amount of gap. maybe .025″ or so. I used a tiny bit of JB weld to smooth out the cut lines and I rounded the edges of the plug over a bit. Yes I would expect it to take a few tries with minor adjustments to get the correct fit and shape. once you have it you can make as many as you want.
if the flange is just in the way or too much trouble you could cut it off and just attach it to the sides of the hole but I think you can end up with a flange and then maybe use 4 thumbtacks or if they are too long maybe just a dab of rubber cement to hold it in place.
you just want the oven warm enough to get the plastic to go droopy , then it;ll form easily You shouldn’t have to push hard or anything.

I think I’d start by putting both pieces in and let them warm up, then put the plug in the oven wiht the plastic overtop and put the part with the hole on a lower rack to keep it up to temp.
Once warm youll see the plastic want to droop.do this part quickly before the plastic cools off… take it out and push the outside part down. that way the lens portion isn’t going up against anything that can mark it. It should have some curvature and you want that.

If you find the plastic gets stuck then you could try at a lower temp or remove it first but I was successful with leaving the film on both sides and I think it might come out a bit more perfect that way. as I recall I might have had to pick some little bits of that surface plastic off the very edges but it wasn’t too bad. if the plastic wrinkles it can kind of get trapped but it didnt’ melt into the lucite or lexan or plexiglass or whatever you call the stuff.

you have several variables, shape , thickness of your dies, how well they retain heat, how hot the oven is , how long it’s in, how sharp the corners are, how wide the gap is. You might want to adjust things as you go and I’m hoping the results are as good as what I saw. I was quite pleased that it really did come out looking like it belongs there.

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