Jamie Trojek
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So I went to remove the chassis from the cabinet but wanted to ask two questions first, BEFORE I do anything ill-advised causing damage that could have easily been avoided. First, do the wooden control knobs just pull off or is there a trick to them? I don’t want to break them or anything else when removing them. I assume they just pull off, but assumptions can sometimes be dangerous. Secondly, is there anything special attaching the dial to the cabinet or should it just pull away as I pull the chassis away? I don’t seen anything, but I didn’t want to bend or break any pieces of the dial when pulling the chassis away. I know that this is painfully basic stuff, but it’s better to be safe than sorry, very sorry. I’m sure that I’ll make some ignorantly poor choices at various points throughout this process (live and learn), but I’d like to minimize those moments as much as possible.