Keith Barron
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Hi folks. I’n new to the group. I thought I would introduce myself and spend some time checking the forum out before becoming a paid member.

I am in Kamloops BC. Mostly into vintage guitar amplifiers however do have a couple of vintage radios.
First one I picked up was a 1942 Marconi Am radio in St. John’s NFLD from Tasker Squires. Not sure if you know of Tasker.
He is a vintage radio nut. Real nice guy. Restores old radios.

I also have what I think is a mid-50’s Hudson Bay Co. console AM radio with record player. Tube of course.
Works but I plan to get in there and service it as it’s all original. It is made by Electrical Products Manufacturing Co Ltd out of Montreal. We had a nice time listening to a few old records last night on it.

My hope is to come here to learn from others experience. Also as a source to ask for help.I understand a fair bit about tube amplifiers. I am self taught from hours of reading and practicing on mostly guitar amplifiers. I own 8 qty vintage Fenders from 1959 to 1973. I have serviced them all and maintain them myself. I quite enjoy it. Tube radios seems like a good fit for me too. Thanks, Keith