Bob Cuthbert
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Read this post before you read my earlier post from April 27th.

Me again, should not be trying to figure these things out at night, not only does my spelling go off (loud, not load!) but I missed something that I should have noted about the large yellow electrolytic capacitor that was not shown on the schematic. Someone had cut the yellow wire coming out of the metal tube condenser but leaving the black to go to common negative/ground and Green seems to have also not changed. The “Can” had the specs of what was in it, but appears to have been rubbed out, maybe on purpose. It is #14 on the schematic with 3 wires coming out, Black, Green and Yellow. I think it says on the side of the Can, Green is 8 MFD 350 DCWV and Yellow is 8 MFD 475 DCWV, Black as mentioned, is Common Negative.

My guess is that the two Electrolytic Capacitors, (both 8 MFDs) inside the #14 Can have been replaced with the big yellow 20 MFD Electrolytic Capacitor. I have read it is better to just replace all paper capacitors, who knows when someone made the mods as I am seeing other capacitors not in place according to the schematics. As I in my question #1, are these EC special for this radio as it operates with both AC and 6V DC vibrator power supply.

I have not hooked up a 6 volt battery yet, the rubber “feet” are all toast and if this thing vibrates it could get interesting without the cushions.

Anyway, will work away at this as I create my list of capacitors.

Thanks again.