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part of the reason I created the CVRS forum was to include out of town members and to unite the members across Canada.

The original forum was done with phpBB. I got into collecting and restoring radios partly because I was inspired by the helpfulness of other radio collectors that frequented the newsgroups. At that time I didnt’ know who to ask questions of and things have come a long way since then which is a great help. Many collectors are of an older generation and it’s important for the hobby to encourage new collectors and restorers.

We hired a web developer to improve the professional look of the site and it was ported over into the forum we have now. I was never a real web developer by any means and we made a decision to pass the torch to those more qualified.

I do attend the local meetings and I have a pretty good stock of radios and parts etc , so if you do come to Vancouver feel free to contact me and I might be able to set you up with some worthwhile projects.

I’ve been away from doing a lot of restorations but one of the best local sources was main electronics on main street and Lees electronics was a couple of doors down and both sold high voltage capacitors and related stuff.

I often pop into mode electronics as I work on equipment and often need switches and things.

I haven’t dealt with mouser a lot but that might be a good source for online ordering.

of course there are many other places to order online from. It seems the trick is to try by all means possible to avoid brokerage charges as they can really gouge you. I found that if I just got people to value stuff at 5 bucks and drop it in the US or canada post mail it was fine but when they used the courier companies I got hit with huge brokerage charges a few times and really felt ripped off by that.

for the bulbs maybe you could just try mouser and see if they have something that would be suitable. If not you might try the other three above to see if they can mail you stuff.