Bob Cuthbert
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Hi Greg, no mentor locally. This radio looks a little more complicated than the AC/DC 5 Tube Marconi I did a recap and cord replacement on so will be needing help.

Here is my extent of experience:

I have a read a fair amount and get the basics but when it comes to testing resistors and checking the tubes I’m over my head. I think I got lucky with the Marconi Model 180 as it was unmolested from 1948. It did not work and with just the changing of the electrolytic capacitors it worked again just fine. I did however replaced all the other paper caps.

I also fix old mechanical clocks and telephones so have some experience.

Interesting to note that the BC Lower mainland Chapter meets at Charles Rummel Park, I lived just down the street and know the area well, but that was over 40 years ago.

If someone on this forum is willing, yes I would be interested in a mentor. I lived in Prince Rupert BC for the past 22 years but don’t know anyone that collects and works on old radios.