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Rick D
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Hi Guys
Could any of you fellows tell me do the IF transformers on my set look original,the
reason I ask is the solder joints from the wires that come from the IF transformers
in my set look a bit sloppy,not a factory job at all.On the one close to the front
of the set it has three wires coming out of the bottom,a black and an orange and green,
two of these wires have black tape around where it was soldered to the wire it is
joined to,also on the wire coming out of the top and going to the tube cap it is
joined and has black tape at the joint,the second IF has 4 wires coming out of the
bottom ,two green one black and one red.The reason I ask is I was going to change the
way the #30 cap block is hooked up,but one of the wires from this cap goes to the IF
transformer and I am afraid if I make the change the set won,t work,please take a look
at the photos I sent of my set showing the IF transformers and let me know,if they look
original,and if they do I will go ahead and make the change,thanks all the best Rick