Rick D
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Hello Fellows
I put both my voltage meters on the plate of both 6F6 tubes last night and powered up the radio
and I did it about five times this morning,the set just came on with no crackling and no
stopping ,the voltage was 284 volts on one and the other was 289,I tried to make it act up
but it would not,this set is a mystery.The voltage on the 6J5 tube was -3.9 volts on the plate
when I touched the plate contacted with the probe I got a click and the same when I took it off.
Peter I know the voltage has come down,this seemed to happen when I put in new resistors,they
were #52 @ 35K and #46 @ 330K and # 53 @ 490K and also the candohm @ 19 and 109 ohm.
I am going to try and explain something I know is wrong but this is the way it was when I
got the set,what I did is replace all caps and resistors the same way they were when I got the set,I took
photos and drew sketch,s so I would not mix anything up.But what I see of the #30 cap block it,s not right
although it worked fine for about two months,it,s still not the way it is on the schematic.This cap has
two 110 PF caps, #1 strip is ground #2 is the 1st 110PF cap and #3 strip is the second 110PF cap.
The way it is hooked up is on the 1st strip ground is the start of the 240K #32 resistor it goes two
the second strip then off to #43 cap and on to the volume switch,also on the second strip
is the other 240K #31 resistor it goes on to the black wire on the IF transformer,now
this is the part I don,t understand,running along with that 240K resistor and going to
the same contacts is a .05UF cap,I don,t think it belongs there,I think it should
be taken out and a wire from where the 240K #31 resistor hooks to the IF transformer
be put in and should go to the #3 strip on the block cap wich is the 2nd 110PF cap.
I made a sketch and
I marked the cap in question with an X on the wires I think should be taken out and a red line
for the wire that I think should be put in.I would have told you guys about this befor
but I did not think it mattered because the set worked fine with this hook up.I know
if you look at this with a schematic you would see it,so thinking it would help
I attached a sketch.On one of my last post I put down the readings on the cap and
resistors around the 6J5 tube,they are not right on but close,should I change
these or just leave them alone?,fellows I know I am going on but I am trying
to give any info I can that would help you help,I am so thankful for all
the help all the very best Rick