Rick D
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Hello Peter
I checked the two resistors #34 was 1.35 Meg and #35 was 1.15 Meg,I then checked the two caps the # 30
wich is new checked at 120pf and the # 29 the one in the base of the 6J5 tube was 262pf,these parts
were still in the circut when checked but with the 6J5 tube out.Now when I start the set there
is still a crackling noise,the set goes off and on,when this happens the dial light stays
on it dose not flicker,I shut the set off and on until it stays on with no interruption,I still
won,t leave it on for any length , two or three minutes at a time,I am afraid
something might happen and it won,t start again,do you fellows think the caps and resistors
will be ok or should they be changed,if I have to take them out of circuit to test them
I may as well change them ,they are all around each other and hard to get at,so if I have
to I may as well replace with new,I will wait to hear from you fellows befor I do anything
just to be sure, any ideas on this problem,I am lost,thanks again all the very best Rick