Rick D
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Hi Steve
I changed that # 58 resistor 19 and 109 ohms,I used some 5 watt resistors,put
two together on each, to get me to 20 ohms on one and 110 ohms on the other.
I did test the old ones befor removing and they tested fine, and after I took them out
I put it in a vice ,applied heat with my heat gun with the tester on them and
they did not change value,I was hoping they would but no.I am going to start the
set up now and let it run for 3 hours, with one voltage meter wire on the centre tap
of the output transformer and the other voltage meter wire hooked to the chassis.I have
at start up 320 volts and it sounds great,I will let it run with the meter on and see if the voltage
goes up, I have had it go to 358 volts and at that point is when the sound goes
bad,I hope that changing that 58 resistor will fix it,I have been told that those
Candohm resistors tend to drift,will let you know all the best Rick