Rick D
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Hello Steve
I removed that wire from the #57 cap,I did check the voltage on the filament again,got no reading tried both meters
same thing,but as I said the tubes light up?,the sound is not that great.I am thinking now that maybe the
filament part of the transformer was always on it,s way out,before it would run for almost two hours
befor it acted up.The high voltage on the 6F6 tube plates 375 volts,could that be because I put in a new
output transformer from hammond a 124 D,it is 152ohms with 75 ohms centre tap,when I look at the schematic
the original was 700 ohms with a centre tap of 370 and 330,just can,t figure why the voltage is so high.
On the 6k5 there is a 99K resistor in there to take it down to217 volts on the plate,they both come from
the same source.I understand Dan is a friend of yours,tell him Rick said hello,Steve thanks for your
help all the very best Rick