Rick D
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Sorry Steve I did not get back to you right away but I wanted to check the wiring
with the schematic.I found a wire going from the neg tab on the old not in use #57
8UF cap going to the bias resistor #58 on the 109 ohm side and this also had a wire
spliced in going to the same tab as the #52 resistor, this spot also has two resistors one to each
6F6 tube on pin #5.I could not find any reason for this to be here when looking
on the schematic,so I cut it and tried the radio,set worked fine and so I checked the
voltage on the 6F6 plate,it was around 250 volts,thought I had the problem
fixed,I covered the cut ends and laid the set down and tried again,would not work.
I put the wire back in place,the radio sounded like it did when I ran it for 4 hours,
so I checked the voltage,everything was the same except I had no filament
voltage at all.With no voltage on the filament the set still works and the
tubes light up,can this happen?,of course the sound is not that great,the
speaker rattles with any volume and bass.Do you think that it was the
transformer all this time and acted up after 3 hours of operation.
Is there any way I could put in a small transformer to take care of the
filament voltage and leave the original in to take care of the rest of
the radio,I don,t think I could change the whole unit and it has the
5Y4 tube socket built right into the top cover of the transformer.
Any thoughts because I think I have had it with this set,I have
put in so much time and I am getting no where,if I could find
a replacement chassis I would throw this one out the window.
Seems the more I do the worse it gets,all the best Rick