Rick D
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Hello Jean
On the one 6K7 #4 pin I got 266 at the very start and in a second it dropped down
to 103 volts on the second 6K7 in the tuner section of the radio same thing but
at 104 volts,Jean I installed a new output transformer in this set,I was thinking
this might effect the set so I tried different caps on spots #51 & 48 ,I pulled
the two .003UF caps and tried several .01UF to .005UF,the .005UF is in the set now.
,I had the set running for about
1& 1/2 hours ,it worked fine up till then but the speaker noise started again.
I sprayed the volume control with de-oxit when I checked the 6K7 voltage,maybe 5 min. till
I started the set up again it sounded fine ,maybe the 5 min. gave it time
to cool ?,as I said even after 3 to 4 hours running the power transformer
is just a bit warm and the field coil is cool,I will let it run for
another two hours and see what happens,if you have something you think I
could try just let me know,thanks again all the very best Rick