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Hi Jean:

Thank you for the feedback and response. That sounds promising. Making some good progress with the battery eliminator in that I have the following circuits up and running:

1. A supply: 0-6.3 VDC, 3.5 A continuous
2. B supply: 22, 45, 67, 90 and 135 VDC, 60 mA
3. C supply: -4.5, -9 and -22 VDC, 20 mA each
4. Metering boards: for a variation on a theme – build a tester
5. Central power distribution board: got to route that 120 VAC within the cabinet safely

Still working on the control board to slowly power up the tubes. This has been the toughest circuit to get operational with repeatability but I made a breakthrough last night. Once some more parts arrive, I can get that piece finished off and then I can start working on a case to house everything.

With modular construction, this system can be bare bones with just the A and B supplies. Or you can add the other boards as needed to get what you need.

More information to follow. I am not at the stage to go running down the streets of Athens naked like Archimedes and screaming, “Eureka!” but I am getting pretty darn close.

And yes, there will be an article on this for the CVRS newsletter.

Regards to all,

Gerry Shand