Murray Dickerson
CVRS Member

I am enjoying the several comments made to this question and am glad to hear of other interests than simple radio restoration (as key as that topic is) being expressed. I also fully endorse other vintage electronics topics being discussed, to broaden the appeal of this website, as well as provide a forum for people who have interests in much more than restoring a radio. In addition to the themes of vintage TV ( we have 4 -5 people in Alberta who are positively interested) and tube amps (the most popular and widespread interest in vintage electronics) being promoted, here are some other ideas:

1. Technology history: How did key ideas, components and apparatus develop? It’s one thing to restore a beautiful old radio or other piece of vintage technology to full working order and appearance, but wouldn’t the comprehension of how it all came about deepen one’s appreciation for the article that is so subject to all that work and time in restoration? Then there is the story behind the personalities that brought these ideas into reality: these people were not one dimensional nerds, but complicated, forceful personalities that drove new technology into acceptance despite huge challenges and resistance from established interests.

2. Tesla technologies: I know that there is a lot of web based material on this topic, but I can’t think of another Canadian website that could provide a forum for this topic nationally as well as this one. If it belongs here, how could it become different than all the others? There is much that is controversial in Tesla technology, but most Tesla sites represent blatant devotees of Tesla. Make no mistake…I am a huge Tesla fan as well, but we need more open and balanced discussion about what Tesla did and if it is workable or not. We need a site that promotes all the pros and cons.

3. Nation wide projects. Many hands (and minds) make light work, as the old saying goes. What if the gauntlet was thrown down to all members, challenging them to contribute ideas and work on a cross Canada project? All sorts of projects are possible; such as an inexpensive, high powered and high performance tube audio HiFi amp, or something else that captures membership attention? A membership vote could decide what it might be and a project manager chosen to oversee the allocation of assignments and work on it, for the benefit of all volunteers. Then an economical supply of parts ordered in quantity could allow everyone who wanted the finished article to own one of their own. Then members could contribute experiences and upgrades for further improvement.

4. Opinion page. We need a separate designated special page for Opinions on this website that allows questions and controversial ideas to be discussed, like this topic. Burying this in the Forum page is inadequate. The Forum is more a bulletin board for members to trade ideas and ask questions about restoration projects, which is very good for that purpose. This material is too important to slide under another venue, it needs to stand on its own.

After all is said and done, going forward will be difficult because we will need members to respond with ideas like those already mentioned in my comments and others above. More importantly, we will have to try some or all of these directions out and that means that members will have to support and contribute to what parts command their interest. Time will tell.

Murray Dickerson